Sunday, 29 September 2013

Scavenger Birds Video

"Overlapping Lives" is out tomorrow, but just before it comes out we have the Scavenger Birds video to show you, directed by our good pal Ash Allen. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Album pre-order / live shows / split with MYSTYRYS

Lots of news everyone!

1) "Overlapping Lives" is now available to pre-order on limited CD & tape from the Edils Recordings bandcamp. Go snap up a copy.

2) We're heading out to play some shows in October / November, and a lot are free entry too. The dates are:

Thursday 3rd October
The Old Blue Last, London
w/ Beliefs, MYSTYRYS, Playlounge

Friday 4th October
West Track Studio, Canterbury

Saturday 5th October
The Pilgrim, Liverpool
w/ Cavalier Song, Puzzle

Saturday 12th October
Fitzherbert's, Brighton
w/ Speak Galactic, MYSTYRYS, Merlin Tonto

Saturday 2nd November
Dia De Muertos Halloween Party @ Contemporary, Nottingham
w/ White Finger, Moscow Youth Cult, I Am Lono, Nordenfelt

3) We will be releasing a split single our pals MYSTYRYS on their Psychic Healing Network. It will be available on download and limited tape. The tape comes out on October 7th but you can check out the tracks now right here. We have also done a bonus cover of MYSTYRYS song "Normals", and they've covered our song "Gold Leaf", which are also available here.