Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Hey there people, here are the first fruits of our upcoming album! The song is called 'The Arcade Grave' and will also feature on the upcoming Sea Monsters 2 compilation, coming out on One Inch Badge, available in Brighton from next week and then from everywhere from April 9th.

E N J O Y ! ! !
Soft Arrows - The Arcade Grave by oneinchbadge

Monday, 9 January 2012


It's 2012. The year when the world either ends, or doesn't. A bit like every year then.

Ok, so we have a few things on our 2012 agenda. Number one is that we are playing "Sea Monsters 2" on January 24th. For those who don't know, Sea Monsters is a week when all the best bands in Brighton play shows at The Prince Albert. We're very happy to be playing this and it leads us on to point two. We will have a new track called 'The Arcade Grave' coming out on a double CD compilation of all the bands playing Sea Monsters. This will be available at the shows and then available everywhere some time after the shows. Super cool! Then finally, point three. While recording the track for the comp we went and recorded a whole album. We did all the guitars and drums in a day and have been doing vocals between Christmas and New Year and now I think they are all done. So know what? Mixing, mastering and then letting everyone get to hear it. We're really happy with how it is shaping up and can't wait to get it all finished. So more news on that soon, but until then, get tickets for Sea Monsters.